Installation Directions

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Forever-Sign is attached to a fence wire by use of its opposing interlocking tabs. This allows for quick attachment to horizontal substrates such as fence or barb wire, cable gates and ropes. Once again the thick material section allows the sign to retain it flat shape during use. The large amount of visible area of the sign allows for easy identification of the fence line presence. Due to the plastic material construction, the sign does not transfer electricity.

The following four pictures show how the Forever-Sign easily attaches to steel fence stakes. Four barbs simply snap over the Steel fence stakes that are commonly used along pastures and property lines. By use of these barbs no additional hardware is needed other than the already existing fence stake.

The Forever-Sign attached to a chain link fence. There are four integrated opposing locking tabs in each corner of the FS. When in service only two of the four tabs are needed to attach the Forever-Sign to commonly used residential chain link fences. When attached these tabs lock over the existing fence wire to retain the sign in place with no additional hardware.

Several formed holes to allow for traditional mounting of the sign. With the addition of screws, nails, or sip ties it can easily be attached to multiple substrates such as posts, trees, concrete or steel gates.

For smaller substrates it may be necessary to use only the two holes located in the middle of the sign. In this case the sign would be left in its original flat form.

For larger substrates the sign can be bent to form to the contour of the substrate. In this case the four outer holes would be utilized for attachment.